BlackFire, Xfire for Mac
BlackFire is a standalone Xfire client specifically developed for the Mac.
It is user friendly and has a lot of powerful features
even missing from the official Xfire client.

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Typingstats is a small utility for the Mac that allows you to track your typing behavior.
It sits silently in your menubar, so it gets out of your way while still easily accesible
while it does its thing.

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At I was in charge of implementing some features that were still missing, including but not limited to properly displaying unread comments.
By optimizing some queries, implementing caching I managed to increase the uptime of the poorly written codebase. The site does not reflect me or my qualities, but I did learn a lot from it.

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A experiment, trying to combine easily finding matches, streams and news you care about of the E-Sports game you like. Something awfully missing in most E-Sports related communities today.
As the content was not mine to use, cease and desist letters followed. Stopped maintaining the experiment and left it at the ill state it is in today.

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